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1. Does DGM accept ammo transfers?

Yes. The fees are graduated depending upon the quantity received. Sales tax is required to be charged by the state of California on ammo transfers on the purchase price of the shipment. A sale invoice copy will be required to collect the required sales tax for the state. Before shipping any ammo, please stop by the store to fill out the Ammo Transfer form (or download it below) before sending any ammo to DGM.

All ammo transfers are subject to eligibility check. Please refer to Ammo Purchase FAQ for details.

2. How much does it cost to transfer ammo to DGM?

$20.00 for up to 1000 rounds. For fees on larger quantities, please see DGM sales staff. We require a copy of the invoice in order to calculate these taxes.

Ammo Transfer Form (download)

In addition to transfer fees, CA sales tax and CA excise tax will be collected on all shipments after July 1st, 2024. 

Download form, fill out & email to:



1. I want to buy a gun online. Can I have it transferred to DGM? (Also see #2 below)

Yes. However please make sure the firearm is compliant with all California laws before buying it and getting it shipped here. If the firearm is not California compliant, we will be unable to transfer it to you and you may incur additional shipping and/or storage fees. If you are unsure whether a firearm you are interested in is legal in California, please stop by the store or give us a call. If buying a handgun, you may visit CA DOJ website to make sure it is on CA DOJ Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale in California.

2. How much does it cost to transfer a firearm to DGM?

Please check with our sales department before buying a firearm online. Due to the competitive market for new firearms, frequently it is less expensive after sales tax, FFL transfer fees and other charges to buy it direct from DGM. Before shipping any firearm, please fill out the FFL Transfer form below.

Please note that California State Board of Equalization’s regulation section 495.0843 requires dealers receiving firearms purchased out of state to collect sales tax on the purchase price. We will need a copy of the invoice to assess and collect the required sales tax for the state. In addition, as of July 1, 2024, CA Firearms Excise Tax will be charged on all shipments delivered.

DGM's fee for an incoming FFL transfer is $100 plus all state fees & taxes. Assault Weapon transfers for law enforcement officers are $200. This fee is charged even if the firearm is not transferred for any reason. If the firearm is returned, DGM is not responsible for return shipping of any type. It is the seller's or customer's responsibility.

FFL Transfer Form - San Diego Location (download)

FFL Transfer Form - Santee Location (download)

Download form, fill out & email to:

3. Is there a waiting period & background check to transfer firearms?

Yes. In most cases the process is the same as buying a new firearm (See In-Store Firearm Purchase FAQ #1-11).

4. I want to ship a firearm. How much does it cost and what do I need to do?

Our outgoing FFL transfer fees are as follows:

  • FFL fee per gun - $35
  • 1st handgun shipping fee - $50
  • Additional handgun shipping fee - $25
  • Long gun shipping fee (per gun, up to 20 lbs) - $80
  • Insurance (optional) - $2.50 per $100 value

We can only ship firearms to a licensed dealer. Bring your firearms to one of our stores along with the dealer’s address and contact information. Be sure to arrange for transfer of your firearms with the dealer to whom they are being shipped. Dealers set their own transfer fees and may have certain requirements for receiving firearms. We will contact the dealer to get a copy of their FFL in order to ship your firearms. Once we have a copy of the dealer’s FFL, your firearms will ship within 5 business days.

5. The tracking number shows my guns have just been delivered. Can I come in and start the background check?

No. We will give you a call once your firearms are ready. Before we can start your background check, the firearms have to be checked-in. This process takes some time. Please keep in mind that we receive dozens of packages every day. All shipments are checked-in in the order they come in. It usually takes about 48 hours before your firearms are ready. If you have not received a phone call after a few days, feel free to contact us to check on the status.

6. I am moving to California. Do I need to ship my guns to an FFL?

No. It is best to bring them with you. You can bring the firearms with you whether you are driving or flying (check the TSA and airline requirement for flying with firearms). Shipping them through a dealer may not be possible depending upon the firearm and circumstances.

NOTE: You are not allowed to bring any magazines that can accept more than 10 rounds. All firearms must comply with California laws with the exception of OFF-ROSTER handguns – these can be brought in only if you are a new resident moving to California. New residents are required to submit New Resident Report of Firearm Ownership within 60 days of bringing the firearms into California. CA DOJ charges $19 processing fee for this form. You can also register your firearms online using the CFARS web interface.

7. Can I do a Private Party Transfer (PPT) at DGM?

Yes. The requirements for the buyer are the same as buying a new gun (See In-Store Firearm Purchase FAQ #1-11). The seller must also meet the same identification requirements as the buyer. The fee for this service are standardized by the state and the buyer must comply with the Firearm Safety Device (trigger lock) regulations. Fees are: $37.19 DROS fee, $10 transfer fee, plus any trigger lock charges required. All identification requirements must be met by both buyer and seller before the transaction will be started. 

For San Diego location PRIVATE PARTY TRANSFERS (PPT) & TRO FIREARM STORAGE: Due to short staffing, not all staff can process PPTs or TRO storage. Appointments for PPTs & TROs are required. Request an appointment by email, phone (Voice Mail) or text:


8. I want to transfer my firearm to a relative. How do I do that?

Intrafamilial transfers may be self-completed using Report of Operation of Law or Intra-Familial Firearm Transaction. Or completed on-line using the CFARS web interface.

NOTE: Intrafamilial transfers must be immediate family - straight up and down the family tree, not sideways at all. For example: grandparent to grandchild, parent to child or reverse of either of these. Some transfers that are not allowed: uncle/aunt to nephew/niece, siblings to each other, cousins to each other, etc.

9. I inherited an off-roster handgun from out of state. Can I transfer it to California?

Yes, There must be certain documentation provided by the executor of the will. See DGM sales staff for documentation details and sample wording. Also, under certain circumstances, intrafamilial out of state off-roster transfers may be done with the proper documentation. The family relationship requirement is the same as FAQ #8 above.

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