CA Assault Weapon and High Capacity Magazine FAQ


1. What does the State of California consider a "High Capacity" magazine?

CA has legislated that any ammunition feeding device that holds more than 10 cartridges is a "high capacity" magazine. For people outside of California, that would be a standard capacity and the CA legal magazines would be considered "reduced capacity". For clarity's sake, we will use California's nomenclature.

2. Can I buy, import, transfer or otherwise acquire high capacity magazines in CA?

No. Since 2000, except for a brief period in 2019, It has generally been illegal to import from another state or country, buy, or otherwise transfer high capacity magazines in CA except for law enforcement officers. Magazines legally acquired during these time periods may be legally possessed at this writing, but that may change pending the current challenge in court.

WAIT! what about the recent court victory in Duncan vs Becerra? There are appeals that need to be resolved before the law is finally struck down. See CA Rifle & Pistol Association info on this ruling.

3. I have high capacity magazines that I legally acquired in CA. Can I put them in my CA Compliant "featureless" rifle?

Yes, in a "featureless" rifle, you are not restricted in magazine capacity.

4. What is a “featureless” rifle?

A Featureless Rifle is the term used to describe a semi-automatic rifle that does not have any of the following:

  1. A pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon
  2. A thumbhole stock
  3. A folding or telescoping stock
  4. A grenade launcher or flare launcher
  5. A flash suppressor
  6. A forward pistol grip

5. I have high capacity magazines that I legally acquired in CA. Can I put them in my CA Compliant fixed magazine (non-CA Assault Weapon) rifle?

No. Under CA law, rifles with a fixed magazine that holds greater than 10 cartridges are considered assault weapons. Firearms with fixed magazines via AR Maglock, Juggernaut, Prince P-50, or Cross Armory type devices usually meet the definition of fixed magazine.

6. Do you need my CA Assault Weapon Registration papers for me to shoot my AW on your range?

No. We do not require registration paperwork to shoot on the range. However, while transporting it to and from the range you should have your registration paperwork in your possession.

7. I legally purchased a bullet button rifle prior to December 31, 2017. I understand that it needs to be registered as a CA Assault Weapon, can I do that now? Wasn't it registered when I bought it?

No, the deadline for registration was June 30, 2018. You cannot register it now. No, it was registered as a firearm in your name, but it was not registered as an assault weapon. There was an additional registration required under CA law that required an additional fee and photos and other items to register it.

8. I registered my firearm as a CA Assault Weapon as required by law, where can I shoot it?

You may NOT shoot it on public land of any kind, such as BLM or open dessert land. You may only shoot it on a privately owned range or on private property.

9. I registered my firearm as a CA assault Weapon as required by law, am I required to do anything different with it?

Yes - make sure that you transport it to the range in a locked case (unloaded of course), the transportation requirements are similar to handgun transportation requirements. Also, see #7 above on where you can shoot it restrictions.

10. California’s “Assault Weapon” ban ruled unconstitutional. Can I now buy an "Assault Weapon"?

No. This ruling has no immediate impact.

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