At DGM, we offer an array of memberships to fit every need. DGM is proud to present options ranging from a Lifetime Membership to basic, month to month with no contract. All rates vary based on the level of benefits offered so please email or call to find the membership that fits you best. As always, Military and Law Enforcement receive memberships discounts at DGM!

Here are just some of the benefits of Membership - many more are available:

  • Each Member's visit is at no charge for the Member's range fees (plans vary).
  • Members receive discounts on ammo, targets, accessories and firearms for in-store purchases (plans vary).
  • Members may reserve a lane for a visit up to one (1) week in advance and as late as two (2) hours before reservation time. Member reservations limited to one (1) reservation per visit, one (1) reservation per day.
  • Members also receive discounts on gun rentals and get free eye and ear protection.


For more information:

call: 619-308-5032 (direct)
619-276-8730 ext 106

or email:

Regular membership is not for commercial use by Members. See store for more membership details and benefits.

Membership Policies