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Barnes Reloading Manual #4
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Barnes Reloading Manual #4
Barnes Reloading Manual #4
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Barnes Reloading Manual #4
  • Reloading Manual
This manual features loading data for many recently introduced cartridges, including Winchesters Short and Super-Short Magnums, 6.8 SPC, .338 Federal and the .375 Ruger. It also contains data for bigbore dangerous game cartridges like the .470 and .500 Nitro Express, .505 Gibbs and .577 Nitro. Extreme-range accuracy loads for Barnes .50 BMG bullets are listed for Very High Power shooters. Load data is also offered for Barnes greatly expanded selection of XPB pistol bullets, including those designed for .460 and .500 S&W revolvers. Recommended loads for Barnes Expander MZ, as well as the long-range Spit-Fire MZ and TMZ muzzleloader bullets appear in a special section. Customer accounts of Barnes Bullets performance in the hunting field are included. As a bonus, noted gun writers like Craig Boddington, Sam Fadala and Brian Pearce share their expertise in feature articles.
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