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Shooting Chrony Gamma Model Chronograph
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Shooting Chrony Gamma Model Chronograph
Shooting Chrony Gamma Model Chronograph
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Shooting Chrony Gamma Model Chronograph
  • Chronograph
  • Measures bullet velocity
  • 1000 Shot Memory
  • 30/fps to 7000/fps
  • 9 Volt
Gamma Chrony has a number of great features. It has a 1000-shot memory (divided into 100 numbered strings of 10 shots each), optional 4000 to 8000 shot memory available, measures high, low and average velocities, extreme spread and standard deviations, retrieval of individual shot velocity measurements with a flip of the finger switch, from FPS to MPS and vice versa, string size change capability, rapid-fire mode measures velocity of 188 rounds per minute, IBM PC interface, remote control, download ballistics program for IBM-compatible computers, in the timer mode, the velocity is measured as well as the time elapsed between shots; the time measure is shot activated, not sound activated.
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